Choosing the right Garage Door

You have many options when it comes to choosing the right garage door for your home. So many choices exist that for some, the task of matching the proper door as a functional accent piece can be a bit overwhelming. To help streamline and simplify this task, FHR Garage Doors has complied a list of basic things to consider when shopping for the ideal garage door you are looking for… Read more

10 Garage Doors Safety Tips

It is not difficult to take your garage door for granted. After all, you utilize it multiple times per day, and long as it works the way it should, its reliability makes it a mere afterthought in the midst of your routine. However, never let convenient forgetfulness become a potential safety hazard. At FHR Garage Doors, your safety and well-being is our utmost concern. Because of this commitment to you, we offer the following safety tips and general advice where your garage door is concerned. Read more