How to Install a Used Garage Door

Few words in the professional garage door community evoke as much emotion from professionals as “I bought a used door online, can you install it?”. Read more

Smart Home Garage Door

LiftMaster created a line of products that are gaining popularity among consumers. The products are called Gateways, they are an accessory that can be added to work with the Security 2.0+ line of operators and can be modified to work with all existing LiftMaster models. Read more

Carriage Garage Doors

Why use carriage garage door? Your garage typically makes up somewhere between 45%-85% of the front of your house and has been shown to retain more resell value than a kitchen makeover. Additionally because of the range in prices it can be the most cost effective way to give your home that face lift that you desire.  Read more

Garage Opener Does Not Have Sensors

Does your garage door have safety sensors? Many garage door operator manufactures produce long lasting products that will run unhindered for decades. However there was a change to safety laws in the 1990’s that made it necessary for all products to come with safety features. The most common is the safety eyes that you see attached at the bottom of the door track. These “eyes” have a sender and a receiver and produce an infrared beam that if broken stops a garage door and sends it back to the full upright position. Read more

Torsion Spring VS. Torque master spring Pros & Cons

There are a few different counterbalance systems that you can choose to operate your Phoenix garage door. The two most common systems in Phoenix, Arizona are the standard torsion system and the Torque Master. Both of these systems have the same goal: to work as a counterbalance to assist in lifting the garage door. What we’ll look at today are the pros and cons of both systems. Read more

Best Garage Door Opener


While searching for the best garage door opener, most people have walked through a big box store and seen the variety of brands and models of operators, they come with all of the accessories in box and usually are less expensive than the LiftMaster counterpart even if a professional comes and installs it for you. Great deal right? Well, sort of…
LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman fall under the same major entity and are in essence the same company. However, to our humble opinion, LiftMaster professional line is the best garage door openers. Read more

Choosing the right Garage Door

You have many options when it comes to choosing the right garage door for your home. So many choices exist that for some, the task of matching the proper door as a functional accent piece can be a bit overwhelming. To help streamline and simplify this task, FHR Garage Doors has complied a list of basic things to consider when shopping for the ideal garage door you are looking for… Read more

10 Garage Doors Safety Tips

It is not difficult to take your garage door for granted. After all, you utilize it multiple times per day, and long as it works the way it should, its reliability makes it a mere afterthought in the midst of your routine. However, never let convenient forgetfulness become a potential safety hazard. At FHR Garage Doors, your safety and well-being is our utmost concern. Because of this commitment to you, we offer the following safety tips and general advice where your garage door is concerned. Read more

Garage Door Repair Phoenix

FHR Garage Doors company offers affordable garage door Service & Repair in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Our services include but are not limited to garage door spring repair, panel replacement and more.

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How To Replace A Garage Door Spring

Although it is not recommended to try it at home, we’ve listed the basic steps on a garage door torsion spring replacement. This job should be performed by a local garage door company.

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