10 Garage Doors Safety Tips

It is not difficult to take your garage door for granted. After all, you utilize it multiple times per day, and long as it works the way it should, its reliability makes it a mere afterthought in the midst of your routine. However, never let convenient forgetfulness become a potential safety hazard. At FHR Garage Doors, your safety and well-being is our utmost concern. Because of this commitment to you, we offer the following safety tips and general advice where your garage door is concerned.

  1. Sensors – Beginning in 1992 many garage door manufacturers began adding sensors to their product offerings. Most new garage door openers come with built in pressure sensing designed to reverse door course when encountering foreign pressure including objects or people. In addition, photoelectric eye sensors can be mounted between 6-12” from ground level that send a reverse signal to the opener should an object interrupt the invisible beam. FHR Garage Doors recommends you periodically check both pressure sensing and photoelectric sensors to ensure they are functioning properly.
  1. Storage Objects – Your garage is a multipurpose area. Besides your vehicles, you no doubt have tools, boxes, bikes, and other material objects residing in there. Make sure your items remain safe and sound by properly organizing and periodically up keeping your garage space. FHR Garage Doors has been called out to repair many assemblies damaged by overstocked and stacked objects making their way into the path of the doors and openers. Organization is the key to avoiding costly repairs and damage to objects of value and use you keep garage bound.
  1. Postponing Repair – Although your garage door assembly can be considered one of the lower maintenance objects in your home, it still requires periodic maintenance to ensure optimal and safe functioning. This includes lubricating the various motorized parts, checking springs, tracks and sensors, and of course repairing any assembly parts that are not functioning properly. Although nothing is as simple and easy as a perfectly functioning garage door assembly, nothing is as potentially dangerous as a malfunctioning or out of shape one.
  1. Children are naturally inquisitive, traits that should of course be encouraged for learning and growth into adulthood. However, in no way should curiosity turn dangerous where a moving object such as a garage door is concerned. To ensure your children remain safe, please educate them about the dangers of playing around or under garage doors. This includes monitoring them, keeping opening devices away from them, and installing keypad entry devices high enough that they remain out of the child’s reach. Garage doors injure many children annually, and every injury is preventable through education and attention.
  1. If your garage door was manufactured before 1992, it might not contain reversing and photoelectric eye safety functions. FHR Garage Doors highly recommends either adding them if possible depending on the brand and model. If adding these features is not an option, we strongly encourage you to replace existing equipment to meet modern federal safety standards. Although this might seem like an unnecessary financial expense to some, it is money well spent when considering loss of material objects or even life that can result from the absence of these features. Better to be safe and prepared versus suffer from a lack of foresight.
  1. garage door emergency releaseEmergency Release – An emergency release option is important for two reasons. First, should your power go out, or opener fail, an emergency release will allow you to open your garage door thus getting your vehicle in or out. The other reason is safety. Think about this: You are working in the garage, the door is closed, and you just realized you accidentally have locked yourself out of the house. Your opener is in your car, but your car is locked and your keys are sitting on the kitchen table, which you cannot reach at the moment because you cannot access your home. It is getting hotter and hotter inside the garage, and the chemicals you keep in storage are beginning to make you feel nauseous. What is more, no one is expected home to open the door for several hours, trapping you in your garage and potentially endangering your health and safety. If you have an emergency release option, you can easily pull the cord and guide your door to the open position. If you don’t, then you are at the mercy of the elements inside and outside your garage. Don’t take chances with your health and safety, and an emergency release kit is your best bet in this regard. You should periodically inspect your emergency release system to ensure it works properly.
  1. Visually Inspect – Periodically inspect your door and opener mechanisms for any signs of wear and tear. This includes door panels that seem off track, cracked, unbalanced or weak. This also includes motor assemblies making grinding or squeaking sounds, linkage that shows signs of wear or strain, and safety sensors that are off alignment or appear non-functioning. If something looks off to your senses, then there is a good chance it needs to be maintenanced. FHR Garage Doors specializes in maintenance and upkeep so that you can ensure both safety and security for yourself and your family where your garage door is concerned.
  1. Finger Space – Never, and we repeat never place your fingers in between the sections of a garage door. Whether the door is in motion or not, doing so can easily lead to the severing of fingers or worse. Garage doors are deceptively fast and those openings can close without a moments notice, jamming appendages between folds of metal that will slice through flesh like a hot knife through butter. Give the garage door assembly the space and respect it deserves to ensure it does not damage itself or you.
  1. Springs and Cables – Springs and cable assemblies are constantly in motion, and therefore will undoubtedly wear out in time. When this occurs, FHR Garage Doors recommends hiring a licensed and certified company to perform service repairs. Springs are very tension loaded, and improper release can cause damage to human beings or objects in the way. The Cable assembly is essential to the safety and security of the garage door assembly’s daily functioning, and improper installation can cause extensive damage and severe injury alike. Don’t take the risk yourself when you can hire a professional, like the technicians at FHR Garage Doors to put your garage back on track and keep your mind at ease.
  1. Don’t Rush – We all lead busy lives, and everyone has been in a hurry once or twice at least. And it is usually when we rush that accidents occur, is it not? Well, the same can be said for garage door accidents. Never enter or exit your garage in your vehicle until the door is fully open. FHR Garage Doors has seen and repaired door and car damage many times because someone wanted to shave a few seconds off of his or her drive time. Those few seconds can easily turn into thousands of dollars in repair costs. Furthermore, always keep passengers in the car if the door is closing, or exit the vehicle and usher children into the house with the door open before closing it with them out of the way. In this regard, sneaking or sliding in under a closing door is a good way to injure yourself and damage the door assembly. Just play it safe, and don’t take chances playing chicken with a moving piece of wood or metal that will win each and every time against its human counterpart.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your garage door assembly, safety or otherwise. FHR Garage Doors services the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Metro areas, and offers expert sales, installation and service of garage door assemblies and accessories.  Let us help keep you and yours safe, secure and worry free where garage door assemblies are concerned!