Carriage Garage Doors

Why use carriage garage door? Your garage typically makes up somewhere between 45%-85% of the front of your house and has been shown to retain more resell value than a kitchen makeover. Additionally because of the range in prices it can be the most cost effective way to give your home that face lift that you desire. 

Carriage Garage Doors – Facts

What are the different types of carriage doors and the options that you can find in the Phoenix market.

All of the door companies in the valley offer their own versions of the classic carriage house doors. These doors are typically finished with a white overlaid design bonded to a steel door. some of the companies offer the overlay in steel while some use a composite and vinyl material there is no clear cut advantage to using either it is merely a production decision.

FHR Garage Doors installs the Clopay COACHMAN® COLLECTION – or any other selected style/ finish based on your favorite manufacturer.

You can find below the most common styles for carriage garage doors (Source: Wayne Dalton).

wayne dalton carriage doors
wayne dalton carriage doors

One of the best and most appealing parts of the carriage style doors is their design flexibility. They come in an array of overlay configurations and can come with square, rectangular, or simulated arched tops. These tops can also come with windows that vary in shape and size, design, and insulation.

These doors are incredibly versatile and look fantastic on track homes as well as custom homes. They come in a variety of insulation values starting at non-insulated a going all the way to polyurethane with an 18.4 R-value and steel backer. Call or contact us a call to get a quote!

Phoenix Garage Door Repair Service

FHR Garage Doors offers variety of installation and repair services all throughout the valley of the sun. Our services include and not limited to:

  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Panel replacement
  • Alignment and maintenance
  • Paint/ Re-Paint
  • Replacement parts
  • Opener replacement/ Repair
  • Sensor repair (In case sensors doesn’t doesn’t work)
  • Hinges replacement
  • Remotes & Keypad installation
  • Off track carriage door repair