Garage Door Repair Phoenix

FHR Garage Doors company offers affordable garage door Service & Repair in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Our services include but are not limited to garage door spring repair, panel replacement and more.

Garage Door Repair Phoenix/Scottsdale

The phrase “Garage door repairs” is too broad, because a lot of these repairs includes replacement parts that can be counted as a new door installation more than a garage door repair. A licensed garage door repairman can determinate if your door is fixable or need to be replaced. Common garage door problems than can be repaired:

  • Genie Garage Door Opener repair (Phoenix, AZ)
    Genie Garage Door Opener repair (Phoenix, AZ)

    Broken Spring Replacement

  • Cracked/ Broken panel (conditional)
  • Broken Cable(s)
  • Broken Roller(s)
  • Worn Out Roller(s)
  • Bent Track / Off Track
  • Gear Replacement
  • Weather Strip
  • Garage Door Remotes or Keypads
  • Sensors
  • Openers (Motor)
  • Logic Board
  • Broken Carriage

Garage Door Repair Service

With the internet – you can easily find many companies that offers garage door repair service in the Phoenix area. However, with all the good stuff that the internet has brought to us, it also brought the spam artists. Shadow companies operates under vague names (“Garage Door Repair Phoenix”) and does not have any legal entity registered with the state of Arizona.

In most cases, a broken or damaged garage door needs to be completely replaced, since it is hard (or impossible) to get just replacement panel(s). Depends on the damage to you Phoenix garage door, we may need to replace the door itself or the door, tracks and extra parts.

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