Garage Opener Does Not Have Sensors

Does your garage door have safety sensors? Many garage door operator manufactures produce long lasting products that will run unhindered for decades. However there was a change to safety laws in the 1990’s that made it necessary for all products to come with safety features. The most common is the safety eyes that you see attached at the bottom of the door track. These “eyes” have a sender and a receiver and produce an infrared beam that if broken stops a garage door and sends it back to the full upright position.

garage door safety eyes (Sensors)
garage door safety eyes (Sensors)

Some companies and homeowners choose to “cheat” the system by placing these eyes on top of the operator so that they are operational but provide no safety. Other companies choose to make repairs to units that are outdated and do not have the ability to support the eyes. Both of these practices are not only dangerous but also illegal. Without these eyes mounted at the proper height possessions and vehicles can be crushed. But more importantly children can be crushed to death by a door that has an operator with no eyes. Operators are programmed to push 100lb-1200lb garage doors down (without the eyes or if improperly installed) if nothing breaks the beam the door will continue on its path down and crush whatever is under it.

Garage Opener Does Not Have Sensors

If you have an outdated or improperly installed operator please call a professional and have it fixed today it could save lives.

Garage Door Sensors (Phoenix, AZ)
Garage Door Sensors (Phoenix, AZ)

Garage Door Repair Phoenix

Sensor Services

Our garage door repair service in Phoenix, Arizona available 7 days a week! We provide valleywide service in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. If your having problems closing/opening your garage door, it may not be an opener related issue, but a non-functional sensor(s).

We can help you identify and repair the following issues with your garage door sensors:

  • Installation: Garage opener does not have sensors
  • Easy fix: Garage door sensors sunlight
  • Garage door sensors not lit – Troubleshoot & repair
  • Garage door sensors Genie, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman
  • Garage door sensors blinking red – Troubleshoot & Alignment
  • Liftmaster Garage door sensors orange light
  • Garage door sensors red & green – Genie sensors troubleshoot, Installation, repair & replacement.

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