How to Install a Used Garage Door

Few words in the professional garage door community evoke as much emotion from professionals as “I bought a used door online, can you install it?”.

Never, ever, (and we cannot stress this enough) ever, buy a used door from a fellow homeowner off the internet. When people upgrade their door or move in to a new home and decide to replace the door they commonly decide to resell the existing door.

Cheap Garage Doors

However as the purchaser of the used door you can never be sure that you are getting all of the part , or that all of the parts even function properly so while getting a $900 door for cheap can seem like a steal, it usually ends up costing more in parts then just buying a new door.

Used garage door (Phoenix, AZ)
Used garage door (Phoenix, AZ)

On top of that – most garage door companies in Phoenix will REFUSE to install used garage doors, due to liability reasons. Even if you did find a professional garage door installer in Phoenix or surrounding cities, most chances that you will be required to sign a waiver and to pay full price for the installation – whether it will be installed or not. Also, the mix and match of the parts may DOUBLE the installation time and will end up costing you MORE than installing a brand new door.

On a 16×7 (standard track home door) there are a minimum of 53 individual parts(!), the majority of which are moving parts. Springs, cables, and even hinges and rollers receive a significant amount of wear in normal daily use. When you purchase a used door system you have no way of knowing how worn the parts are or how many cycles are left on high use parts such as the springs. In more than three quarters of all used door system purchases you will need to purchase new  hinges, cables, springs, and rollers especially because the standard home owner does not preform the recommended yearly maintenance. You also have no way of knowing whether or not the door has ever been “hung” (aka come off the tracks). If this has occurred in the door’s history there is a chance that the tracks are bent and may not be usable.

How to install a used garage door

If you bought a used garage door, most chances that you will have to install it yourself. A quick search “how to install a used garage door” will populate both written instructions, step by step or an installation video that can be used.

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Still wanting that cheap used garage door? What if we told you that most of the doors that are over 7 years old have no replacement hinges or sections because all of the pinch proof doors have been discontinued by the manufacturers. So if you receive a section with a crease or bad hinges, the whole door system is unusable.

New doors can actually be very affordable, give us a call and get a quote before you even consider a used door.