Torsion Spring VS. Torque master spring Pros & Cons

There are a few different counterbalance systems that you can choose to operate your Phoenix garage door. The two most common systems in Phoenix, Arizona are the standard torsion system and the Torque Master. Both of these systems have the same goal: to work as a counterbalance to assist in lifting the garage door. What we’ll look at today are the pros and cons of both systems.

Torque Master

torque master spring Phoenix, AZ
Torque Master spring Phoenix, AZ

The Torque Master system is unique to Wayne Dalton doors. The pros of this system are the cleanliness of the overall install, there are no springs coils or drums that are visible, just one single galvanized tube that creates a clean finished presentation. However, the cons to the system are that the springs are small and located inside the galvanized tube, they cannot be maintained like a normal torsion system can be and must be adjusted with a specialized tool, and that they may bind up inside the tube. But the real con with this system is how costly it can be to the homeowner, because there are no visible springs you aren’t able to tell that a spring has broken and may continue to operate the door operator with the broken spring which can lead to burned out motors and costly operator repair or replacement.

Torsion systems

broken spring - garage door repair scottsdale
broken spring – garage door repair scottsdale

Torsion systems are the counterbalance system most commonly used on sectional garage doors in Arizona. These systems use a variety of sizes of springs and combinations to assist in lifting of the door. The pros to this system are its versatility, the easy at which the overall system can be maintained, the fact that you are able to see and hear a broken spring, the number of operation cycles that the springs produce, and the ability, in a system with two springs, to be able to lift the door (in the event that one spring breaks) so that the homeowner isn’t trapped in the garage. The cons to this system is that the technician installing the springs needs to be knowledgeable about the spring calculations or the wrong springs can easily be put on the door and it also doesn’t have as clean of an appearance as the Torque Master because the coils are visible.

Garage Door Repair Phoenix

Whether it’s a Torque Master or a torsion spring, in case of a garage door repair – FHR Garage Door Company is here to assist you. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to fix/ repair or replace any type of garage door broken spring.

It is highly recommended NOT to try and replace broken garage door springs by yourself, but to hire a licensed & bonded professional to do it for you.